Flax Seed Oil Benefits

Flax Seed Oil Benefits

One of the latest wonder foods to hit the American and International health market these days is flax seed oil and flax seed. What are the benefits of ingesting flax seed oil and flax seed and are these flax seed oil benefits perfect for you and your health? A lot of people nowadays, a boss, an employee and even housewives, look for the healthiest foods and supplements to aid in keeping themselves physically fit. What they eat and the supplements that they take play a huge role in how they live their lives everyday. New discoveries like flax seed and flax seed oil often make those who are into keeping themselves healthy curious about the kinds of benefits they can get from these new health discoveries.

What Are Flax Seed and Flax Seed Oil?

What exactly are flax seed and flax seed oil? While these two are actually related to each other, with the oil coming from the seed and the seed coming from the flax plant, these two health supplements are actually used in a few different ways and are sometimes pitted against each other in terms of the benefits that they have. The flax seed oil that is derived from the seeds of the flax plant are said to contain huge amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which is beneficial to a person's health. The argument that usually erupts between flax seed and flax seed oil users revolves around the dietary fiber called lignans. Since flax seed oil has little or no lignans in them, save for those flax seed oil producing companies that state that they have added lignans in their formulations, flax seed users argue that it is better to take the seeds than the oil.

Flax seeds come in two basic types, the brown and the yellow. The yellow type is usually the one that is used in these supplements while the brown types are the ones that are used for industrial purposes.

Benefits of Flax Seeds and Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed consumption as well as flax seed oil benefits revolve around the omega 3 fatty acids that they contain. Omega 3 fatty acids, also called the good fat, have quite a number of positive effects on a person. This includes lower cholesterol levels in a person, reducing the risk of a person getting certain cancers and helping with the inflammation that arthritis often brings with it. Since flax seed oil is derived from flax seeds, some people believe that taking one and not the other will bring about the same benefits. There are actually some benefits that flax seed oil has that ingesting plain flax seeds cannot give. The same goes for doing things the other way around. Flax seed oils often have more omega 3 fatty acids as compared to the seed while flax seeds have more fiber as well as lignan that is known to be a very effective antioxidant.

How to Include Flax Seeds and Flax Seed Oil into Your Diet

To get the flax seed oil benefits that you want, you need to incorporate this ingredient into your diet. Just like olive oil which is also used for health purposes, flax seed oil can be integrated into recipes for the omega 3 fatty acids that they contain. You can substitute a mixture made of flax seed for the eggs that are required in certain recipes like pancakes with blueberries and almonds. The seeds can also become part of a healthy diet when you sprinkle them over yogurt or oatmeal. Flax seed oil is also known to be used together with acai juice to help some people cope with cancer and chemotherapy.

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