Menhaden Fish Oil

Menhaden Fish Oil

Menhaden fish oil is a type of enteric coated fish oil that can be produced from a fish called the menhaden. Like all other fish oils taken from other fishes such as the salmon, menhaden oil has several benefits to a person's body when consumed in the right dosage. Find out why so many people want to buy Menhaden oil, and what you can get from buying it.

Nutritional Content of Menhaden Fish Oil

Menhaden oil has a fatty content of 218 grams. Saturated fat makes up 66 grams of the total fat content, while cholesterol makes up 1136 milligrams. Total omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in Menhaden is 6.1 grams, and omega-6 fatty acids total 4.695 grams. Among these omega-3 fatty acids are the two important ones for the human body: the DHA and EPA.

Aside from being flavored in order to enhance taste, the oil contains no chemical preservatives that can be harmful to the body. Manufacturers take great care to check the oils for contaminants before they are processed and sold. This makes menhaden fish oil very safe for human and pet consumption.

Benefits of Using Menhaden Fish Oil

Menhaden, with its high fatty-acid content, can help prevent the onset of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. It does so through the EPA omega-3 acid, which acts to thwart the effects of increased pro-eicosanoid hormones in the body. Because of EPA, the fish oil also prevents heart attacks and other cardiac complications by removing all blockages in our arterial walls like fat deposits. Fat has long since been pointed to as a culprit of heart problems because it constricts the flow of blood and compelling the heart to pump faster to get more blood into the whole body.

DHA on the other hand is responsible for keeping the brain functioning properly. It promotes enhanced development for children, while keeping the brain healthy and prevent it from deteriorating. This can help prevent dysfunctions in the brain like Parkinson's disease, among others. It also promotes better functioning for the eyes and the reproductive system as well. In fact, substances containing DHA like fish oils and flaxseeds are used to treat dry eyes. They have proven to be effective for dry eyes, as well as some other conditions.

Menhaden Fish Oil as Fish Attractant

Fish oil is not only made to be consumed by the body. Menhaden fish oil can also be used as a fish attractant when going on fishing expeditions. The oil has been proven to be very effective in attracting both fishes that you can use as bait, and trophy fishes in the deep sea like the trout, among others, because of its natural composition. When you coat your live bait with the right amount of menhaden fish oil, the natural attractive smell - at least to the fishes - of your bait will be enhanced and will lure greater numbers of game fish to your nets. You can expect a good catch when you use the oil extracted from the menhaden fish on your expeditions.

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